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Food as Medicine
1st Seminar In 20 Years A Success !!!
We thank you all who were a part of our first seminar ever. Everyone who came made it a successful event. We hope to see you in September for our next seminar!
Th. Night Workshops
Free Every Thursday Night At 7 PM !!!
July 17   Thyroid & Weight Loss
July 24   8 Major Reasons for Toxicity
July 31   Natural Solutions for Sleep

Learning Outcomes
  • Ancient wisdom combined with modern technology.
  • Weekly motivation to feel happy, eat healthy, and live smart! /li>
Free Consultation
Ask About Your Health Concerns !!!

Attend Our Th. Night Workshop
Attend the workshop to receive a free consultation, which takes place after the workshop.
During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your health concern with Scott Sommer L.Ac. & Nutritionist.
He will use Nutrition Response Testing and various other holistic methods to assess your health.
Once you arrive, make sure you request an assessment form to fill.
Arriving at least 10 minutes early to the workshop is recommended.
Notice: First Come First Serve
Patient Registration
New Patients Are Encouraged To Attend !!!

To SAVE $75.00 OFF Registration
Attend Our Th. Night Workshop
Attendee's Price: $150
Everyday Price:  $225

You must register after your free consultation on the same night to qualify for the discount.
On Thursday night, you only pay $50 to reserve your appointment, then on the day of your appointment you pay the remaining $100 balance. 
If unable to keep appointment, kindly give a 48 hour notice.
Otherwise we reserve the right to charge for time reserved.
For questions, contact our clinic
at 916-989-0700

ZYTO Virtual Clinic
Live Too Far? New Remote Scan !!!
Virtual Clinic
Now you can connect with Scott through the internet to get a ZYTO bio-scan, regardless of where you are in the world!
This modern technology opens up amazing possibilities for you and your family!

Current Patients: $99
New Patients: $149
How It Works
Getting a ZYTO bio-communication scan takes only minutes and it is a painless process. 
Simply place your hand on the ZYTO hand cradle. During the scan, subtle energetic impulses are introduced to your body.
Your body will naturally respond to this communication, and the ZYTO software records each response.
The information gathered will help Scott make better decisions for his patients and clients.
It's important to note that ZYTO scans do not treat or diagnose.
  • Allow patients that are sick or contagious to stay home.
  • Maintain working relationships with patients that have moved.

Click here to visit the official

ZYTO Scan website.



July Specials
Expires on Thursday, July 31st !!!
Ionic Foot Bath

Today's Special: $34.99
Everyday Price: $49.99
Outstanding Credit?
Oh no! Our list shows that a few of you still have foot bath credits. This is your last chance to cash them in! After this special expires, so will your credits.

Weight Loss / Mood Swings / Arthritis / Energy / Osteoporosis / Digestion / Food Craving / Sleep / Skin Problems / Allergies / Stress / Fatigue

Ionic Foot Baths Special Expires: July 31st
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